Thursday, 3 November 2016

WALT: uses descriptive language to add intrest


On Halloween, a little boy  Called was wearing a skeleton costume, he went trick or treating With a mate who was wearing a Devil costume. They Got more Popular From different parents and  kids in the town of kaikohe. They Got lots and lots of  lollies. from them!!!, they got as Much as 100+ Lollies!! What 100!!! Mum said no 50, OK Fine mum don't tell mum OK yup we will eat them all!!! Mum said hey what are you doing i said 50 no more lollies for yous OK OK mum but why because i said 50 lollies but you’s Don't Listen properly You’s are grounded for a week! yes they are just lollies please don't mum come on sorry boys  why no no get in your room and then they went to sleep.