Friday, 16 September 2016


The bee visit

Dan and Kathy gave us some honey. The honey was in the wax. They showed us the bees. The wax smell like honey. The bees build the wax up. The shape the wax like the plastic. It was a hexagon.

The bee visitors made us split up into groups to see the bees and wax.

We saw a video about the bees making honey in the hive. The bees wings go 200 times in one second. They are very fast.  

The nectar is inside the flower. The pollen is outside the flower. They roll pollen into a ball on their leg.

Flowers are important for the bees to stay alive. We need bees to make tasty honey. They want to live.

You have hundreds and hundreds of bees in a hive. The queen has a white dot on her back. She is long. The queen bee lays eggs. The queen bee can’t go through the  grate so she can’t lay eggs in the honey.

Dan wears a bee suit. A bee hoodie on his head so he doesn’t get stung in the eye. Gloves protect his hands so he doesn’t get stung on his hands.

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We tasted honey